Vintage Fashion Items for Etsy and WordPress

Vintage Fashion in our Etsy-Shop

Here are some examples of items in our Vintage Fashion section using Etsy and WordPress. Etsy allows the seller to group items by “section”. In our shop, we use sections to organize items that we feel are closely related. The items that will be displayed after this paragraph are automatically “picked” via the Etsy Application Programming Interface (or API) and a special plugin we added to our shop called “Etsy Shop”. The listings shown are active and in our “Vintage Fashion” section.

Etsy and WordPress

An Etsy shop owner that has a WordPress web-site (like this one) can download and install the Etsy Shop plugin. They will need to follow the instructions in the plugin page. Here are the highlights of the actions you will need to take:

  • Set up and activate Etsy API (in Etsy. See below)
  • Copy a code snippet (a short-code) from the plugins read-me document.
  • Place the short-code in the post (or page) where you want to see your listings appear.
  • Edit the short-code to contain your Etsy Shop name and the section number (you can find out how to do this in the plugin read-me document)

The listings appear here

Links to all of the necessary items to add Etsy listings to your WordPress site:


You will need to be familiar with Etsy and WordPress. You will need to know your way around the WordPress Admin Panel. You will also need to control your site and be an actual Administrator in WordPress to add the plugin. You would be able to add a web-site “post” with Editor credentials. This is probably not for a beginner in WordPress but certainly a person with intermediate skills could get this done in a few hours. Of course, you will need to be an Administrator for your Etsy store as well.

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