Testing eBay Sales – Returning from a long absence

Dipping our toes back in the eBay Pool

After years of boycotting eBay selling we have decided to give it another try. With all of the shenanigans going on at Etsy what do we have to loose? We will share our experiences here in this post. We will talk a little about our eBay Sales strategy and what we like.

eBay’s done a lot during our absence

We are feeling a little like a stranger in a strange land as we traverse the (new) seller’s hub at eBay. They have been very busy! Once you get even a little used to it, “making a listing” is a very, very streamlined experience. We especially like how it “remembers” settings between listings. Very nice!

Books and items banned on Etsy

We are starting up with books and items that were de-listed by the friendly staff at Etsy. It seems that eBay is not is the business of erasing history as Etsy seems to be. We will see how that actually works out.

eBay Sales Features that we really like

eBay Seller Hub eBay Sales
Sellers Hub
  • Seller Hub – the layout is fine and very well arranged. It takes a bit of time to get used to and has a few little weird quirks but overall – a winner.
  • Pictures – Allowing more pictures is a big plus. This is especially true if you are selling vintage items. You can (and should) show all of the favorable and not so favorable attributes of the item that you are selling. This should limit returns based on bad descriptions.
  • Shipping – eBay allows many more shipping selections for your products. While some like books should only ship as media (nationally), other items can have multiple shipping methods for the buyer to choose among.
  • The auction summary – at the very bottom of the Seller Hub eBay provides you with a summary that gives you Items listed, Total Price, Bids, Quantity, Total Reserve and Offers all in one convenient spot.

How do the new eBay Sales listings look?

Here are a few sample listings in our eBay shop:

A book on survival

Wilderness Cooking



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