Automated Mailing from Hyperantique

We have recently configured the MailChimp product to produce automated mailings. It is currently configured to mail you a summary of our posts with a link back to read the post on the website. This will happen automatically at 4:00 AM Eastern Time by the MailChimp server. This will only happen when we add a new post to the website.

If you would like to stop receiving these emails you can unsubscribe or drop us a note to let us know what you would like to hear about. We will never share your email knowingly to anyone. Our intentions are to inform you and perhaps sell a few items from our highly rated Etsy Shop . We will try our best to create informative content and not spam you with crappy ads.

Either way, please do not to hesitate to drop us a note here and let us know how we are doing. We would also love to hear what kind of topics are most interesting to you. This post is for informational purposes only and does not represent the bulk of our content.

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