Reading Glasses for my old eyes

Blue Block Reading Glasses for Computers and Tablets

Disclaimer – I rarely recommend anything that I come across on the internet but I am going to make an exception here. As an old guy, I find myself using stronger and stronger “cheaters” (reading glasses) to read or access my computers screens. I got tired of tossing broken reading glasses from the super stores and I did not want to be paying $100’s of dollars for glasses I would loose. I found these guys and really like the product so far.

I clipped this text (below) and added it to a post so that I could share it with anyone that is interested. They do pay a small commission if you use the links provided. If you don’t like that google them and find the link for yourself (the commission is so low my feelings will not get hurt).

Forgetting about the hype in the content, the blue light issue from modern electronic devices is widely discussed as an impediment to restful sleep as well as a contributing factor to eye fatigue. I will be documenting my longer term results with my new reading glasses in a followup post after a few weeks.

Here is what the company has to say about the blue-light-spectrum: “As you might be aware, there is a part of the blue light spectrum emitted by computer screens, tablets, cell phones, and TV screens that is not only causing problems like dizziness and insomnia, but has also been found to harmful to your eyes.”

A little more on how they view the problem: “One solution to this blue light problem is wearing blue block glasses. Unfortunately, most of the cheap blue block glasses on the market are very intensely tinted and block out too much of the blue light spectrum and are uncomfortable to look through.”

Reading Glasses Solution:

One company, a small mom and pop web shop called ReadingGlassesETC, has done it right.Their blue block lens options protect your eyes from 100% of the bad blue light allowing good light through to your eyes. They look nicer and visually feel nicer.

First, you choose a frame. They have hundreds to choose from in every price range. The lenses are included in the frame price. They will make the lenses for them with the blue block filter right for you.

Once you have selected a frame you can choose a reading power from zero (for those who don’t need magnification) to +4.00 for either eye.

The Blue Block difference:

Then you can add-on an optional blue block anti-reflective coating or a blue block tint. Their most popular blue block option is the Mojo BluBlock AR coating which has no tint at all. It’s a clear lens that provides natural vision without color distortion.

Their Mojo BluBlock Tints come in various colors and depths and are designed to filter 100% of bad blue light but also to provide optimal vision. Some tints provide more contrast for night reading while others are for daytime use.

ReadingGlassesETC is a great company owned by a licensed Optician with 30 years experience. Their focus has been on providing prescription quality reading solutions with innovative lens options for a decent price. These glasses aren’t cheap, but you can easily find a frame and a blue block option for under $60.00. They make single vision prescription lenses too for only $10.00 more!

Check them out-

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