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Vintage Etsy

We are selling vintage and antique items on Etsy. We use the WordPress Etsy Shop Plugin. The items that we sell are served to this post by a WordPress plugin that grabs Etsy sections from our shop (via the Etsy API) and displays them under this text block. The plugin is called Etsy Shop. We have made small modifications to the plugin so that it presents a url that will go directly to our shop and will not display items that you may also “like from other easy shops”. By clicking on one of the listings below, you will be brought to our Etsy site. From there you can browse all of our items.

Thanks for taking a look! We support this web site through the sales from our Etsy site.

Changes to the Etsy Shop WordPress Plugin

If you also have a WordPress site and want to know how to change the Etsy Shop plugin to display a correct link contact me and I will send you some instructions. They are not elegant changes but they work. I also encourage you to support the Etsy Shop plugin on the repository. Here is a link to the plugin. Etsy Shop WordPress Plugin

Author: uasole

Old and wired but not retired.