Fine Art Framing Resource – RI discovery

19th Century Auction Find Meets a New Fine Art Frame

Fine art Framing resourceWe just had an amazing experience finding a fine art framing resource that we wanted to share with the antiques and art collecting community. Our journey started when we recently acquired a really nice 19th century oil painting at an auction in CT. It needed restoration work and it needed to be placed in a period styled frame. The restoration work was done by a high quality firm in Oxford, CT  (I will cover this in a later post). Continue reading “Fine Art Framing Resource – RI discovery”

Reading Glasses for my old eyes

Blue Block Reading Glasses for Computers and Tablets

Disclaimer – I rarely recommend anything that I come across on the internet but I am going to make an exception here. As an old guy, I find myself using stronger and stronger “cheaters” (reading glasses) to read or access my computers screens. I got tired of tossing broken reading glasses from the super stores and I did not want to be paying $100’s of dollars for glasses I would loose. I found these guys and really like the product so far. Continue reading “Reading Glasses for my old eyes”

Antique Group Shop Checklist for antique sales

Antique Group shop rocket ship lampTen things to consider before joining an antique group shop

We created the Antique Group Shop Checklist because single purpose antique shops are all but extinct. Most Antique sellers have discovered that it has become impossible to keep a shop going without taking on “boarders”. Because of this (and a few other reasons) most antique stores that you shop at today are now antique co-ops or antique group shops. Continue reading “Antique Group Shop Checklist for antique sales”

Testing eBay Sales – Returning from a long absence

Dipping our toes back in the eBay Pool

After years of boycotting eBay selling we have decided to give it another try. With all of the shenanigans going on at Etsy what do we have to loose? We will share our experiences here in this post. We will talk a little about our eBay Sales strategy and what we like. Continue reading “Testing eBay Sales – Returning from a long absence”

Where is Etsy Heading? – sellers aggravated

Where is Etsy Heading?

Etsy has been doing some very strange things as of late that are making many Etsy sellers wonder where is Etsy heading. While Etsy sellers have access to some great tools to make selling on-line easy, the overall value of Etsy is coming under question by many shop owners. Continue reading “Where is Etsy Heading? – sellers aggravated”

Vintage Fashion Items for Etsy and WordPress

Vintage Fashion in our Etsy-Shop

Here are some examples of items in our Vintage Fashion section using Etsy and WordPress. Etsy allows the seller to group items by “section”. In our shop, we use sections to organize items that we feel are closely related. The items that will be displayed after this paragraph are automatically “picked” via the Etsy Application Programming Interface (or API) and a special plugin we added to our shop called “Etsy Shop”. The listings shown are active and in our “Vintage Fashion” section. Continue reading “Vintage Fashion Items for Etsy and WordPress”